Outsource Jewellery Image Editing Services | Jewellery Image Retouching Services

Outsource Jewellery Image Editing Services | Jewellery Image Retouching Services

jewellery image retouching services

jewellery photo editing services

Jewellery Image Editing ServicesEditing jewellery product photos using Photoshop and Light room tools. In retail jewellery stores, the quality of jewellery photos decides the product sales. Jewellery image editing is the popular image editing services which help to retouch your jewellery product images using basic, medium and advanced level image retouching techniques. Professional photographers, ecommerce and online retail industries looking for jewellery image editing services to improve the quality of their jewellery product images.

Professional jewellery image editing services for online stores

Image Solutions India offer professional jewellery image editing service to ecommerce stores. Our team of jewellery image retouching professionals will apply suitable photo retouching operations to improve the quality of your jewellery photography. Our jewellery photo retouching services included,

  • Color adjustment and color cast removal
  • Adjusting gemstone and metal color
  • Removing scratches and dusts
  • Eliminating labels and watermarks
  • Removing poor reflections
  • Add shining to stones

Jewellery Image Retouching Technique in Photoshop

Jewellery image retouching is the process of applying suitable image enhancement techniques to your jewellery photographs.  Removing imperfections from your jewellery product portraits and applying various image effects to boost your photography look more better than their original. Eliminating unwanted shadows and reflections, removing scratches, blemishes and changing color of the stones will improve your jewellery products look more natural.

Outsource Jewellery Image Retouching Services are,

  • Background removal for jewellery images
  • Adding shadows and highlights
  • Eliminating unwanted shadows and reflections
  • Adding suitable or transparent backgrounds
  • 360-degree jewelry product photo editing
  • Gemstone retouching services
  • White gold editing and retouching
  • Yellow gold editing and retouching services
  • Adding special effects for jewellery images
  • Cropping, resizing and straightening jewelry images

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Jewellery Photo Editing Services | Outsource Jewellery Photo Retouching | Editing Jewellery in Photoshop


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