Photoshop Image Masking Services | Hair Masking Services – Remove Backgrounds from Hair

Professional photoshop masking services – Eliminate backgrounds from complex image portions like hair and furry edges. Photoshop masking technique provides best opportunity to photo masking experts to cutting out images from complex backgrounds. When the photoshop clipping path technique not suitable for images which have tough edges, there image masking will help to get best possible outcomes.

Photoshop Fur Masking Services

Photoshop hair masking services

Popular Photoshop Image Masking Services are,

Photoshop Image Masking Services to Remove Backgrounds from Complex Images

Image masking is the popular photo enhancement technique which helps to cut out complex imaging portions from their old backdrops. E-commerce business industries require good quality images with white/transparent backgrounds to showcase their product images on portals. Understanding the imaging requirements and apply masking technique to images by separating or isolating from their existing backgrounds.

outsource photo masking

Photoshop hair masking

Purpose of our photo masking services to your photos

  • Remove images from existing backgrounds while preserving complex hair details
  • Remove backgrounds from e-commerce product images and adding new transparent/white backgrounds
  • Cutting out images which preserving smoking lines, furry edges and other soft effects
  • Leave image subject colored while setting up on black and white background effects
  • Best substitute for clipping path services

Hair/Fur Masking Services – Outsource Photoshop Hair/Fur Masking Services

Eliminate hairy portions like complex and flying hair parts from your images, contact Image Solutions India. Our Photoshop hair/fur masking experts can efficiently remove your images from complex backgrounds without reducing any details. Our image masking experts are well expertise in all types of photoshop masking techniques to perform any kind of image enhancement techniques.

How to perform translucent masking in Photoshop

  • Open two saved images using Photoshop ( archive and another image file)
  • Cut and copy the image from the image file and paste in the translucent file
  • Change the image shadow layer to linear burn mode
  • Duplicate the image shadow to form a new image in the dialogue box
  • Select the outline of the image to add layer mask to the image
  • Apply gradient layer to the mask for highlighting then move the highlighted layer down
  • Change the image to blend mode and turn the text layer on
  • Create a copy of the image and move the image layer up
  • Make the color range selection to hide the image copy
  • Add layer mask for the lead story or title layer
  • Modify the layer of the image mask to clean up the mask of the image
  • Save the image

Looking for outsourcing photo/image masking services from the best image masking services provider, please feel free to contact Image Solutions India.

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