Neck Joint Services | Neck Adding Services | Neck Fixing Services | Ghost Mannequin Effects in Photoshop

Neck Joint Services | Neck Adding Services | Neck Fixing Services | Ghost Mannequin Effects in Photoshop

Outsource neck joint services

Neck fixing services | Neck adding services

Image Solutions India offer Ghost mannequin photo editing services such as removal of ghost mannequin from photos, neck adding services or neck joint services or neck fixing services.

Ghost Mannequin Removal Services and Fix Neck in Ghost Mannequin Photography

Removing ghost mannequins or dummies or dolls in ghost mannequin photography using Photoshop tools. Photo manipulation and photo retouching professionals using basic, medium and advanced level photo manipulation techniques to eliminate the distracting elements form your photographs. Removal of ghost mannequin from ghost mannequin photography and adding neck in photos will give proper structure to your clothing images/photography.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint Services

Ghost mannequin or neck joint services helps to enhance your clothing products photos. It is the process of fix your photos using advanced photo editing and retouching techniques.  Professional ghost mannequin photo retouching and ghost mannequin photo editing helps to retouch your garments products photography.

Our professional neck joint services included the following photo retouching techniques are,

  • Clipping path services to ghost mannequin images
  • Image masking services to ghost mannequin photography
  • Removal of backgrounds from ghost mannequin photos
  • Removing unwanted shadows and highlights
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments services
  • Color correction and color cast removal services
  • Adding shadows and highlights in your ghost mannequin photos
  • Adding drop shadow, natural shadows and mirror reflection effects
  • Isolating backgrounds from ghost mannequin photos
  • Eliminating unwanted elements in your ghost mannequin photography
  • Removing/Erasing distractions from photos
  • Color adjustment and color alteration
  • Glamour retouching services
  • Photoshop image restoration services
  • Adding/removal of objects
  • Multi clipping path and color correction
  • Drop shadow creation
  • Natural shadow creation
  • Mirror reflection effect creation

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