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If we start the business, our wish will be how to develop the business high? And we think to make our product reach all over and it should give life, our brand should stand at the topmost layer, you think to keep the brand reputation high.

“Reputation is important, whether it is life or business, and it is everything”

On earlier days, the internet is not that much known to the peoples but now a day it has been changed. And also if one product has to sale means they will give brief about that brand, product or services and the marketing also door by door advertising. Now the trend is internet and social website. If they want a good product or good brand they go through in search engine, at that time our brand reputation should be high and it should be user friendly. That’s why reputation is important.

It takes more years to build a reputation and it takes few minutes to ruin that. If you think about because of your brand reputation, don’t feel and be happy we Image Solutions India is there for you to think differently and identifies the negative reason for your brand downward and we work effectively and erase the negative thought of your brand and shows the positive feedback and brings your product upward and make you to that your brand makes your business and your reputation to stand in paramount.

What is ORM and why it is important?

Online reputation management (ORM), it is one of the tools that improve or restore your name or your brand’s good standing. The things to improve or to restore by countering, eliminating the negative material found in the internet, defeating it with more positive material to improving your credibility and customer’s trust in you.

“Making promises and keeping them is a great way to build a brand”

Online Reputation Management is important why because potential customers change purchase decisions when they see bad reviews, negative blog posts and comments which can spread in various channels such as in search engine results and in social media networks. These can gravely affect your brand and your business that’s why it is important to have your online reputation monitored and have these negativities mitigated while proactively building positive reputation.

Online reputation will become more and more important as online users increase at exponential rates and become more and more connected with each other with various media. Here the important to keep online reputation of our brand or services (business) in positive and high position is social network. This makes the social media as good area to build brands, customer loyalty, and it is perfect platform to build your business brand, product and services online reputation.

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. are the social networks that continue in growing day by day and this trend gives people more opportunity to interact with each other and also research about product and services on the internet and especially in mobile adoption it is easier to stay online and read product reviews, this is trend for benefit in business.

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Believable strategies about Responsive Web Designing Services

The responsive web designing services permit your whole website to completely conform for all the gadgets and convey content without isolating their squares and its gives consistent client encounters to the objective gadgets. Whatever you are searching for will get inside of the little size gadgets you are having.

In earlier days agents’ idea to some degree OK when some of their web substance are upheld in mobile phones, however these days everything have changed drastically, henceforth, 90 for each penny of site proprietors searching for 100 per cent portable benevolent sites than their desktop and PC bolstered sites. By the reason of expanding versatile clients’. Admiring the right kind of customers to buy your products over your E commerce or online portals, we should do the following things before enhancing your websites. Understanding the marketing demands and provides favorable outcomes are very critical to achieve.

Functionalities of responsive web design:

  • Adjusting screen resolutions
  • Flexible images
  • Custom layout structure
  • Media queries
  • CS3 Media queries
  • Combining CS3 Media queries and JavaScript
  • Showing or Hiding content
  • Touchscreen vs. cursors

How the responsive web designing functionalities are working:

Maintaining screen resolutions to the different kinds of devices is quite comprehensive factor to implying and improving usage of your websites over different devices such as Mobile Phones, Desktops, PC’s etc. applying the principles of responsive web designing and make work on your websites over all the devices. According to the search engines ranking factors, images are driving equal amount of traffic like blogging. In case, your web images will be compatible for all the devices then you no need to worry about responsive websites.

Discovering best web designing organization to construct your image is very extreme assignment, on the grounds that there are numerous rivalries in world for each business will take driving part in business improvement process. Understanding the right business and utilizing learning as a part of moderate way dependably serves to raise your clients dependably among our center business. Image Solutions India is an outsourcing image editing and image processing services provider giving organization concentrated likewise web designing services and web development services, SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Important SEO Strategies in 2015 to Improve Marketing Promotion?

Influence of latest Google algorithm updates, Search engine professionals would like to know what are the recent techniques to improve search traffic to their websites. In 2015, Google update announces SEO is building long term customer relationship among different online mediums. Top trendy SEO strategies in 2015 are listed below,

  1. Mobile responsive websites
  2. Implying and expressing Links
  3. Improving the importance of long tail keywords in search traffic
  4. Concentrate more on Local SEO optimization
  5. Strong social networking
  6. Content promotion

Mobile friendly Websites in SEO:

According to the Google April 21st mobile friendly algorithm updates, mobile responsive websites will increase search metrics of your business. Due to the increasing mobile internet user’s more than desktop internet users in 2015. In US 35% of people started using internet surfing over mobile itself. These are the valid reasons to improve search signals on smartphones.

Implying Links from authority websites:

Pointing links from high authority websites will improve search traffic of your websites. Google is giving more importance to the websites who are drive brand promotion from different types of social media regions. But, brand mentioned links cannot used to improve your search traffic rankings.

Long tail Search traffic:

Increasing the usage of long tail keyword in your link building strategy becoming more important ranking factor. Using long tail keywords in your website body contents is the king of link promotion.

Local SEO optimization:

Optimize your website more on local search or optimizing business for specific geographic location will improve more audiences and build highest search traffic. Hence, optimize your websites on the desire categories, services offering is provide more essential way to finding your website in local search engines.

Strong social media networking:

The signals from social media networks will always engage your real time customers; It provides the way to communicate with your customers directly. Finding high authority and page rank sites which increasing your traffic signal and provides best search metrics in famous search engines. The number of links which is pointing from highly trusted social networking profile will build strong trust rank on your business websites.

Content promotion and Blog posting in SEO:

Content will always the king of SEO process to improving rankings in famous search engines. Updating fresh contents in article posting sites, social media sites, regular Google plus postings will always provide green signal to improve your website traffic.

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According to Google April 21st update – Is your website is mobile friendly?

As a web designing and web development team at image solutions India. We think something better about the internet. With the influence and growth of online communication, we must understand about how the importance of business presence in marketing industry. As a business people we should understand how it is important and what is currently happening on now. That’s why social media marketing, mobile responsive web designing, responsive layouts, HTML5 and CSS3 are taking mass role in web application development services.

web design services

web designing services

In this challenging world, how people communicate and interact with current technologies and bringing targeted outcomes from their businesses.

Why Business people looking for responsive Web designing services

Everyone knows Google search engine is one of the most popular and famous search engine, and it has 90% users more than other search engines like yahoo, Bing, MSN, Yandex, etc. hence, google introduced many rankings algorithms to improve their search results. By the time google announced to the website owners that mobile friendly website is the most important ranking factor to improve your search results.

If your website is not mobile friendly, your website may affected by Google April 21st mobile friendly update. This algorithm helpful to improve your search engine rankings from top 10 results. When you wants to bring up your website in top ten search results in first page of google, make your website mobile friendly to improve user experience.

Mobile Responsive web designing services:

Website is the heart of online business; this will provides the way to improve your online business in different social media networks and online mediums such as different search engines, online channels, website galleries and social media profiles. Mobile responsive designing will improve user experience nowadays, because people will see everything and directly buy through internet itself. From 2010 onwards increasing mobile internet users have increased more than desktop internet users. By keeping this mind, search engines are announced website owners to improve their website as mobile friendly.

Best web designing company in Bangalore, India:

Choose best web designing company to enhance your business websites and improve online business, we suggest our image solutions india is the best and professional web designing and development services providing company offers mobile responsive websites designing, website redesigning, SEO services and SMO services to local and global customers at best rates. Hence, contact our team and get professional services from us at low prices and fast turnaround time.

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Why should design a responsive website design to your Business promotion?

Why should design a responsive website design to your Business promotion?

When you look at your website through mobile, the website will resize according to the mobile width and height. Then, you no need to worry about your business. Otherwise, you may lose your future customers. It is the common fact about today online marketing. There are different types of online marketing strategies are still effective and it provides extraordinary market reach to your business in short span of time period. By the reason of increasing mobile internet users percentage. In previous days people used desktop and PC internet more than mobile internet. But, nowadays mobile internet usage has increased dramatically.

Web design company

Web design company

Functionalities of responsive web design:

  • Adjusting screen resolutions
  • Flexible images
  • Custom layout structure
  • Media queries
  • CS3 Media queries
  • Combining CS3 Media queries and JavaScript
  • Showing or Hiding content
  • Touchscreen vs. cursors

Adjusting screen resolution:

When the device is resizing, the website also resize according to your web devices. Flexible layouts are luxury for websites. Non optimized images are not flexible for web supported layouts

Flexible Images:

Flexible images are the essential factor when design a responsive websites. Because, website images only decides what the business about? And what are the services are provided by the particular services providers.

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Responsive web designing is necessary in 2015 Business Industry

Today, the influence of smart phones and tablets surfing increased more than last decade of years. Internet usage of mobile and tablet devices have increased more than desktop and personal computer’s traffic. That’s why business peoples would like to build their website to be mobile friendly as well as other device supported. Multiple device compatible website designing is becoming most competitive task for web designers and it have becoming most new and standard task in web designing and web developing industry.

Web Design Services, Website design services

Web Design Services, Website design services provider

What responsive web designing approaches in developing websites?

All types of device compatible websites approaches web designers to build their websites using media queries, proportion grids, flexible and optimized images, fluid grid CSS to improve user experiences. Responsive web designing standards to enhance websites becoming more essential than Instead of designing separate website for mobile devices.

Why responsive Designing is important?

The responsive web designing services allow your entire site to fully adjust for all the devices and delivers content without segregating their blocks and its provides seamless user experiences to the target devices. Whatever you are looking for will get within the small size devices you are having.

In previous days business people’s thought somewhat Ok when some of their web contents are supported in mobile devices, but nowadays everything have changed dramatically, hence, 90 per cent of website owners looking for 100 perecnt mobile friendly websites than their desktop and PC supported websites. By the reason of increasing mobile users’.

Responsive web design will be search engine friendly:

Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Scrub the web, ask etc. changing their search guidelines every day. But, nowadays search engines strictly restricted for non-mobile responsive websites. They would like to provide most relevant information to their users who are searching the information using mobile search. For that, search engines will rank mobile responsive websites more than other type of websites.

Image Solutions India is the professional web designing company offers mobile responsive websites development and designing services to improve our customers business. From last decade of years we worked hardly to improve user’s and search engines to improve their working experiences.

If you want to improve your website traffic rank as well as reduce your bounce rate value, start redesign your website with the help of professional web designing and development services provider and make your website for both user and search engine friendly at short span of time period.

Article written by: best web designing and website redesigning services provider from Image solutions India

Types of Google algorithm updates: Latest Algorithm updates in Google

  • Humming bird
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pigeon
  • Payday
  • Pirate
  • Google EMD
  • Google top heavy update

What is Humming bird algorithm?

Google uses this algorithm to provide better and accurate search results to the user query which is request to Google. It’s a fast and precise. Google uses to sort through millions of web pages and other information’s it has, and its returns or provides users to what it exactly believes are the best answers.

Panda algorithm:

Introduced in 2011. This algorithm stops the sites which have poor quality content from the top search engine results pages. This is the time to time updates from Google and it has false positives. When this happens, the sites are previously affected by the panda may escape if the website owners made the right changes as well as the sites which are escaped from the previous algorithm update may catch from this update.

Penguin algorithm (April 2012):

This algorithm also having false positives. The main focus of penguin algorithm is to remove the sites who had bought the links from automated link building services providers as well as the links which are built from the low quality blog network to drive more amount of traffic. When penguin released, the sites are allowed to remove their unwanted backlinks using Google disavow tools. New sites are already escaped from penguin might get trapped from penguin.

Pigeon algorithm (July 2014):

This algorithms especially developed by Google to provide more quality, relevant and accurate search results for local search. Google stated this new algorithm to improve their distance and location parameters.

Payday algorithm:

Google specially released this algorithm to targets the very spammy queries and it is un-related to Google panda and penguin updates

Pirate’s algorithm:

This algorithm built to prevent sites with many copyright infringements reports, as filed through Google DMCA‘s system from ranking well in Google search results.

Google EMD algorithm (Exact Domain Match algorithm):

This algorithm especially developed for the poor quality sites which ranking well in Google simply because they have search terms in their domain name itself.

Google top heavy updates:

The sites which have excessive ads from ranking well in Google. When it is released, the sites are already removed excessive ads may regain their rankings, the new sites which have top heavy ads may caught.

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