Gets Professional Photo editing services by contract with Image Solutions India

Image Solutions India provides the high quality of retouching services for its clients to obtain the 100% customer satisfaction. Our image editors were trained to handle the difficult images to edit within a short time period and all of our images editing employees are updating their knowledge with the latest techniques which are in the image editing service. Image Solutions India will always ramp-up our clients at the time of a critical situation by making more concentration on their images. Whether our clients are single or an organization service the quality of the service is always penetrating and sensitive

image editing services

Photo editing services

You do having the lovable photos to remember your old memories? But are you worrying that the photos are looking old attraction, bad colour settings, blurred image, contains folded lines etc.Your worries are flying away by the world best service of Image Solutions India editing service which was running successfully in the past five years in Bangalore. Many of the image editing service related companies were approaching us to keep outsource by our service, reasonable cost, way of care, contains knowledgeable employees etc. Among the editing techniques this retouching is sensitive and difficult because it is the process of retaining the old colours, objects and other needs to fulfil its expectation. We are using the latest software techniques to retain that dull images and each of our clients images were treated as our own work. Some of the famous software like Adobe photo shop, Arc soft portrait plus, portrait professional studio, perfect 365, Akvis makeup, perfect portrait 2 are using our editors.Image Solutions India covers some of the retouching techniques are,

  • Colour correction
  • Balancing the tones
  • Retaining the damaged objects
  • Adding contrasting themes
  • Digital hand colouring
  • Converting colour photographs into black & white image
  • Converting old black & white photographs into colour photos
  • Clipping and cropping
  • Adding contrasting themes
  • Removal of tones and folded lines

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