Photo masking services, image masking services, Photoshop masking

Photoshop Layer Masking | Photo Masking services:

Photo masking technique is used to remove complex edge images from their original backgrounds. When the background removal cannot achieve using clipping path technique, at that time image masking services are most required to the images. This process is most popular in Photoshop, if you wants clear cut images, then you must need masking services for your portraits.

image masking services

photo masking services

Mostly modern photo industries and professional photographers are looking for image masking services from outsourcing services providing industry. By keeping this mind image solutions India offering Image masking with our Photoshop clipping path services. Our most popular techniques used for all photo enhancement services are,

  • Composition
  • Masking
  • Photo Clipping


It is the process of combining or merging more than two images and finally making into one combined or merged image together using adobe Photoshop tools. We also called this technique as photo stitching.


Clipping is the process of isolate images from their unwanted backgrounds by drawn outline over the images using the software’s like Photoshop pen tool, CorelDraw, Illustrator and Light room. Qualified image editing experts at image solutions India can manually clip your images without reducing the image quality.


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